More Leads
More Sales
More Freedom
Take Your Business To The Next Level Using a Sales Funnel
more leads
more sales
more freedom
Take Your Business To The Next Level Using a Sales Funnel
Does This Sound Like You?
You understand that funnels can help your business and you're totally on board, but...


You have tried creating a funnel on your own and ended up with nothing more than a draft version.



You can't find the time to work on your funnel and juggle all the other responsibilities of your business.

the bright side
You can stop all of that right now and reach your goal sooner
I can help you
Launch that Course Or Product You Want to Share With the World
Imagine being able to launch that course or info product that is been living in a corner of your brain for quite some time now, and actually being able to share it with others. It's no longer an abstract thing in your mind, you can actually SEE IT.
Grow Your email list strategically
One way to use funnels is as a tool to grow your email list by launching a lead magnet / opt-in as a vehicle to grow your email list. 
Watch the number of subscribers on your list grow day by day with a strategically planned and designed funnel. 
Increase Your Sales with the right funnel for your business
Depending on what type of business you have and what your goals are, there are different funnel structures that are right for you. 
Imagine figuring out what's the right funnel for you and having it built and ready to launch in order to scale your business and take it to a whole other level. 
hi! I'm Ema
I've built funnels for multiple business owners and entrepreneurs, including Two Comma Club Winners
Years ago, I was working in a corporate job that wasn't serving me. I felt like my talents were wasted in endless meetings every day as I juggled a job meant for two people. One day I decided I wanted more out of life and quit. 
I dug deep to understand what my superpowers were and discovered a hidden love and talent for functional design. 

I started learning everything I could about design and freelanced creating websites, infographics and other custom designs.
Then I was introduced to funnels. 
Initially, I hated them. Every. Single. Funnel I looked at was ugly. And I simply couldn't get over it. 

Then I realized that I could use my talents to create beautiful funnels, that my funnel designs didn't have to fit the norm, they didn't have to be ugly "bro" funnels.

Now I work with clients, understanding their needs and building beautiful and functional funnels that serve their businesses. 
what you'll experience
working with me
working with me
This is the process I take my clients through:



During this first phase we'll meet to understand your specific needs, get clear on the timeline and assign tasks. 



During this phase you will provide all the needed pieces to start the funnel building process. 



I will design a beautiful funnel with all the information gathered in the previous phase, and make sure it is functioning perfectly before launching. 

Quick Turnaround
You won't have to wait months to have your funnel built. Once we have our initial strategy call, I'll lay out everything that is needed to build your funnel and provide a deadline for completion. 
Strategic Funnel Build
We'll discuss what your end goal is in having a funnel, and based on those goals - I will design a custom funnel that follows the best steps to get there.  
Beautiful Funnel Designs
You'll receive a funnel that not only is functional but also beautiful. A funnel design that matches your personal branding and style. 
Beautiful Funnel Designs
You'll receive a funnel that not only is functional but also beautiful. A funnel design that matches your personal branding and style. 
Experience all of the above without.....
Wasting any more time trying to figure it out all on your own. 
Wasting any more money on people who won't deliver what you want.
but there's more
Here are the additional perks you get access to when you work with me
Virtual Planning and Strategy Sessions
Doesn't matter if you live a few minutes away or halfway across the world, I meet with all my clients via virtual meetings. 

We'll meet to generate a deep understanding of your needs, and create a detailed list of what is needed to achieve your end goal. 

Throughout the funnel building process I will meet with you on a regular basis to stay on track.
Access to A project planner
Did I mention that I worked as a project engineer in a Fortune 500 company? Part of my job was to maintain a schedule and keep everything on track.

So you get all my awesome project management skills included in your funnel build. 

You'll get your own custom Asana board with all the tasks related to your specific funnel design. 
Tech Integrations for your Funnel
"Should I use ActiveCampaign?  or Convertkit? or MailChimp? Agh!"
"What payment portal should I use?"
"How do I integrate my calendar?"

Worry not! I have a deep understanding of what the best tools are to use in different types of funnels and will guide you along the way so that you have a system that works for you. 
Services in English and Spanish
Having grown up and lived in Venezuela for 23 years, I am completely fluent in Spanish. If you need funnel building services in Spanish.... Estoy a la orden!
You'll get the funnel you want without the added stress.
How much longer are you willing to wait before you have a working funnel?
you asked
Frequently asked questions about funnel design and working with me
Why should I work with you?
If you want someone to build a beautiful and functional funnel, I'm your person.
I understand funnels and tech, am very detail oriented and stay on task. I will deliver beautiful funnel that works perfectly.
how long does it take to have a funnel built?
Once I have all the needed pieces to get started, it usually takes a week to put together an initial draft of your sales page. After that, it takes an additional two weeks to make all the necessary edits, create the remaining pages and perform testing to make sure it's all functional before launching.
Keep in mind this all depends on the number of clients I am serving at that time. 
What platform do you build funnels in?
I build sales funnels inside of Clickfunnels. 
If you don't have Clickfunnels don't worry, I'll send you a sign up link and I can port your funnel design into your account once it's complete.
I'll take you through the dashboard so you understand how to make edits on your own.
can i include my branding inside a funnel?
I can incorporate all your branding elements: logo, secondary logo, colors, images, textures, etc, into the funnel design so it matches your brand. 
Do you provide the copy for the funnel?
But if you need help with copy, I can point you in the direction of resources that I personally have found helpful. 
The End.
If you're ready to have a working funnel, apply to work with me by clicking the button below.
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