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Launch that Course Or Product You Want to Share With the World
Imagine being able to launch that course or info product that is been living in a corner of your brain for quite some time now, and actually being able to share it with others. It's no longer an abstract thing in your mind, you can actually SEE IT.
Grow Your email list strategically
One way to use funnels is as a tool to grow your email list by launching a lead magnet / opt-in as a vehicle to grow your email list. 
Watch the number of subscribers on your list grow day by day with a strategically planned and designed funnel. 
Increase Your Sales with the right funnel for your business
Depending on what type of business you have and what your goals are, there are different funnel structures that are right for you. 
Imagine figuring out what's the right funnel for you and having it built and ready to launch in order to scale your business and take it to a whole other level. 
Book a free strategy call to talk through your project and how I can best help you.
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working with me
working with me
Quick Turnaround
You won't have to wait months to have your funnel built. Once we have our initial strategy call, I'll lay out everything that is needed to build your funnel and provide a deadline for completion. 
Strategic Funnel Build
We'll discuss what your end goal is in having a funnel, and based on those goals - I will design a custom funnel that follows the best steps to get there.  
Beautiful Funnel Designs
You'll receive a funnel that not only is functional but also beautiful. A funnel design that matches your personal branding and style. 
Beautiful Funnel Designs
You'll receive a funnel that not only is functional but also beautiful. A funnel design that matches your personal branding and style. 
How much longer are you willing to wait before you have a funnel that serves you?
hi! I'm Ema
I've built funnels for multiple business owners and entrepreneurs, including Two Comma Club Winners
I've been working with funnels for several years and along the way have seen many people get stuck trying to create their funnels

- stuck on how to create them...
- stuck on the strategy behind them...
- stuck on how to make them work. 
I work with clients creating a strategy behind each funnel, understanding their value ladder, their offers and crafting beautiful and strategic funnels that help them scale their businesses by increasing leads and sales.
I live in beautiful Belleville, Ontario, Canada, with my husband and two awesome kids. 

I worked at a Fortune 500 company for 12 years learning a lot about consumer understanding and project management before shifting over to start my own business. 
The End.
If you're ready to have a strategically designed funnel, book a free strategy call where we can talk about your needs.
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download this free checklist
download these free resources
6 Mini Checklists to Launch Your Funnel
6 easy to use checklists with details to track to help you stop doubting yourself and launch your next funnel confidently.
You'll get the funnel you want without the added stress.
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